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Maintenance Tips For LVT Flooring

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Maintenance Tips For LVT Flooring

With superior resiliency and beautiful design, LVT flooring is more accessible by many homeowners and business owners.

It is such a durable decoration that can be used for a very long time.

However, you will waste extra money and time to repair or replace it if the maintenance is improper.

So you have to learn several tips on how to maintain your LVT flooring.

In the article below, we will tell you everything.


After Installation

1. For glue down LVT, do not start any maintenance for at least 72 hours after installation is done. It needs to ensure enough time for the glue to get dry and cured.


2. Use a damp clean cloth or mop to remove wet residual adhesive.


3. For any dry adhesive residue, use a clean wet cloth with denatured alcohol.


4. Never pour water or denatured directly on the LVT floors.


Daily Maintenance

1. Routinely use broom or vacuum to sweep the dirt, debris, and stains, to avoid scratches on the surface.


2. For the high traffic areas, it is suggested to clean every day.


3. For deeper cleaning, you can use a damp mop to sweep the floor.


4. The cleanser is available. But you should only use the products that manufacturers recommend. Never apply vinegar, one-step cleaner, or oil soaps as the clean agent. Do not use any unknown cleanser, which can damage the floor.


5. Any spills on the floor need to be cleaned up in time. The color of the spill may be pulled into the floor surface as time goes by.


6. Keep the floor away from burns like cigarettes, or other excessively hot things that damage the LVT floor.


7. Never flood the floor. Avoid continual standing water on the floor or installing in the highly moist area. Although LVT flooring has resistance to moisture, if any standing water around the edges appears, mold can grow.


Protective Maintenance

1. Use blinds or curtains to avoid direct sunlight hitting the floor, which will cause discoloration in LVT vinyl flooring.


2. Avoid high heels and pet nail on the floor, which can also cause damage to the floor.


3. Put doormats at every outside entrance to your house, to prevent grit, debris, and other solid substances from entering the house and damaging the floor.


4. Install protective pads for the legs of all movable furniture.


5. When moving heavy equipment or furniture, do not drag directly over the floor. Place cardboard on the floor and then use a hand truck to move the heavy items.


Can You Use A Steam Mop On LVT Vinyl Floors?

COCOROSA does not recommend you to do this.

For thorough cleaning, many people may use steam mops on their LVT floors.

But steam mops can damage the LVT vinyl planks.

Due to the narrow seams between the planks, LVT vinyl flooring can be affected by heat and moisture.

Especially for the glue down LVT, using steam mops can loosen the glue that holds the planks in place.

Then you will pay extra money to repair or replace the planks.


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