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COCOROSA marketing tools are not only a sample of consumer products that are given to customers so that he or she may try a product before committing to a purchase. It can also help consumers better understand our products and businesses meet their goals.  

Marketing tools can be a powerful first step in getting a consumer to try your product for the first time. It can also be your first step in creating an emotional connection between your company’s product and your target consumer. That emotional connection is the core of developing loyalty to your brand (more on this later).


    Promoting a new product is often difficult, as the marketplace is so saturated with similar products and is very competitive. This is where using marketing tools of our product will benefit you greatly.

    It is extremely beneficial to offer marketing tools to potential customers, as this increases exposure and also allows the customers to get a taste of your product and leave them wanting more. It also allows consumers to leave feeling confident and exhilarated about their purchase. By implementing marketing tools distribution into your marketing campaign, your business will obtain great results and leave your competitors feeling overshadowed.

  • Brand Awareness

    Launching a new product can be daunting, as consumers will be unfamiliar with it, and this is mostly because good testimonials have not built up the trust of the product. Consumers may be worried about the reliability of the product, or whether it will be effective enough to consume within their homes. By showcasing vinyl flooring through our marketing tools, you will exclude the doubt and fear from potential customers and allow them to test it without any risk involved. Marketing tools don’t have to be costly, as they just have to be big enough for the customer to try, and if like, they will be persuaded to by the product and spread the word to family and friends. This will help establish consumer confidence, which obviously leads to developing products, of your brand in the long-run.

  • Feedback

    Feedback about your product is integral to 

    your business, as it will help you improve your current or future products; as well as the customer experience you provide. Giving away marketing tools will give consumers the opportunity to leave feedback after they have tried it, as when they test a new product, they usually decide at first-hand whether they like it or not. It is also expected that your product will be compared against similar competitor products on the market. You can learn an awful lot about your target market by implementing marketing tools into your budget. Not only will you gain this constructive feedback; but you will also eclipse consumer expectations and gain that edge when it comes to your competitors.


    Allowing product marketing tools to be added into your marketing plan can be very cost-effective as it will save money in the event of problems or mistakes having to be rectified during the promotional and development chapter, rather than when the product is on shelves in supermarkets and shops. As the size of the marketing tool is much smaller than the original size, you have the opportunity to saturate a much bigger demographic for a portion of the cost.

    Although distributing marketing tools may be more cost-effective compared to a marketing plan without this involved, you must be aware of your profitability and ensure that your budget is managed effectively. When drawing up your business plan, it is critical to consider the various costs of developing and distributing your marketing tools, making sure that you include the research process into your budget. It is important to research your defined demographic and not to waste time handing out marketing tools carelessly with no focus in sight; have your target market in sight.


    Remember that face to face sampling is your opportunity to get your product into the hands of your target market. No other form of promotion enables your customers to try it, like it and then buy it. As ever, enthusiastic promotional staff are the key to a successful campaign but in addition, customized service of COCOROSA marketing tools is also available. COCOROSA well experiencing marketing tools designer is pleased to discover, get more done, share and interact. Your advice is always welcomed, and please stay focused on us. A rich and varied marketing tools are coming soon.


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