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Which Is the Best Basement Flooring?

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Which Is the Best Basement Flooring?

Selecting the basement flooring can be tough because many factors need to be considered. As we know, basements are usually dark, wet, and cold.


There are a variety of flooring options for basements, such as rubber, laminate, cork, etc. When it comes to the best flooring for the basement, we will go for vinyl flooring. Why? After we list out the following reasons, you will understand everything.



Vinyl Flooring Is Waterproof

Unlike laminate or linoleum that is just water-resistant, vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof. It won't easily get damages under the moist environment of basements. That's why it is commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other places with frequent moisture.


If you are concerning the flooding problem in your basement, vinyl flooring surely put away your worries. Vinyl flooring is made from PVC, which water cannot penetrate.


Vinyl Flooring Is Easy To Install

If you are the DIY type, vinyl flooring can save lots of labor. Compared to ceramic tiles, vinyl planks are easier to install for its click-lock system. You can easily finish the installation without any glue or nails.


Vinyl Flooring Is Easy To Maintain


Many people may not clean the basements frequently, or sometimes they just forget to clean. But you don't have to worry about this problem. Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. It has great resistance to stain and scratches. Wax is no need to use for the maintenance of vinyl flooring. Regular vacuuming or mopping with warm water is enough.


Vinyl Flooring Feels Comfortable Underfoot

Basements are always cold. If you want to walk barefoot in it, you'd better choose the right flooring. Ceramic tiles are cold underfoot, especially in winter. However, vinyl flooring feels much warmer underfoot than ceramic tiles. Even in winter, vinyl flooring won't let your foot get cold.


Unlike ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring is resilient, such as LVT flooring, which has a very comfortable foot feel. Thus, vinyl is suitable for those who prefer to enjoy much of their time in basements.


Vinyl Flooring Is More Durable

Vinyl is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, as it is capable of withstanding high traffic. Although the natural wooden floor is elegant, it is susceptible to scratches caused by heavy traffic. Vinyl flooring is so durable that you can hardly need to repair or replace it.


Vinyl Flooring Fits Cement Sub-floor

What is the best flooring for cement floor of basements? Many people may answer ceramic tiles. Yes, ceramic tiles are a very good type of flooring, which can be installed directly on the concrete. Vinyl flooring has the same capability. It can be also directly put over the smooth concrete.

Vinyl Flooring Is More Affordable

Since basements are not the main rooms of the house, many homeowners don't want to spend much money on them. Natural hardwood and stone tiles are expensive, but vinyl flooring can help you reduce the cost. Vinyl flooring has a very realistic look to natural wood and stone with a lower price. Besides, vinyl planks are available in DIY installation, which also reduces the cost of labor.



Vinyl Flooring Offers Various Types

Vinyl flooring includes several popular types, such as SPC, LVT, WPC, or sheet vinyl. Each one of them has its unique style that you may like. You can create some wonderful patterns by vinyl flooring for your basements.


Vinyl Flooring Is Safer

People are easy to slip when there is water on the surface of ceramic tiles. However, vinyl flooring won't be as slippery as ceramic tiles. For moist areas like basements, anti-slip is a prior consideration.


Additionally, vinyl flooring has an excellent fireproof ability. It won't produce any toxic gases when contacting to fire. Basements are not the places where the fresh air flows. So vinyl flooring can protect your body to some extent.


If you haven't determined which flooring to install for your basements, vinyl flooring is the right type. It looks beautiful and has very good performance. For any installation and maintenance questions, you can contact us at Sales@Cocorosasurefaces.com. We'd love to have a conversation with you!

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