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What Is the Most Suitable Flooring For Hotel?

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What Is the Most Suitable Flooring For Hotel?

Flooring is one of the most important things for hotels. The reason is quite simple. A suitable type of flooring can upgrade the hotel to a higher level so that more customers would rather stay. Otherwise, a wrong type of flooring may destory the style of the hotel. Today, let's talk about some popular flooring options for hotel, and find out which is the most suitable one. 


The carpet may be more comfortable, but over time, it will grow bacteria. And if it is always humid here, the carpet will even go moldy and smelly. If you don't want to lose the customers, you need to hire professionals to clean and sterilize it regularly. Therefore, the cost of cleaning will get relatively high. Moreover, some people like to smoke in their rooms, likely to burn holes in the carpet. And then, you need to change the whole carpet, or the room would look very low-end.


Composite Wood Floor

At present, hotel owners are more likely to use the composite wood floor. Compared to carpets, the composite wood floor is easier to clean and maintain. And wood grain can also bring the customers a close and warm feeling. But is the composite wood floor the appropriate choice? The answer is no. This floor does feel warm and easy to clean, but it still has its' own drawbacks. And the most mentionable one is formaldehyde. Most people might think the composite wood floor is made of pure wood, so it must be natural and harmless. But the truth is, all the composite wood floors on the market are made of both wood and glue! And the later is the main source of formaldehyde. If you choose the composite wood floor, your hotel will be filled with the smell of formaldehyde for quite a few months. Also, the composite wood floor is not waterproof; as time goes by, it will deform and mold. Still, your hotel will look very low-end at that time. So you need to either change the floor or adjust the price.


Tile Flooring

With the continuous improvement of life quality, travelers have higher requirements for a hotel environment. Many people will bring their daily necessities such as towels, toothbrushes, slippers, pajamas, and so on while traveling. Some mid-to-low end hotel owners choose to install tile flooring. Some of them even don't install any decoration for the floor. Or they keep the flooring style simple and plain. So in the fierce hotel competition, it is hard for them to increase the price of accommodation.


Solid Wood Floor

So, is the luxury solid wood floor the best choice? Absolutely no! The solid wood floor does feel comfortable and posh, but it is also expensive and hard to clean. To maintain the solid wood floor, you need to use special detergent and dry mop. Also, to make it glossy, you need to wax it per three months. If you use the solid wood floor, you have to hire more dustmen to meet the high cleaning demand. And you'd better make sure that the water pipe will never malfunction.

Furthermore, the solid wood floor is not fire-proof. It is the inflammable material. So, the hotel residents can be in danger once the fire breaks out in rooms.


SPC Vinyl Flooring

Compared to the last types, SPC flooring is more suitable for hotels. It is made of a new type of chemical material that is waterproof and insect-proof. This material is upgraded from the original PVC flooring material by increasing the thickness of the floor. The thickness of the PVC flooring is about 2mm. But through the upgrade, the thickness of the SPC flooring can be increased to 3.5mm, 4.0mm, or even 10mm.


However, because of the flooring's large density, the thicker it is, the heavier it is. And the cost of transportation and production would increase a lot accordingly. This material has all the characteristics and functions of the PVC flooring, such as self-cleaning function, waterproof, and mildew resistance. And it also has the advantages of the composite wood flooring, such as click and glue-free installation. So the lifespan of the SPC floor can last longer for glue will lose its adhesion over time. And cleaning the residual glue is also a big problem.


The SPC floor seldom grows mold for its waterproof ability and great performance in a moist environment. Besides, it's stain-resistant, so the way to clean it is very easy and simple. The dustman can clean it just like the normal tile floor. The SPC floor carries great dimensional stability because of its high-tech production so it won't deform as temperature changes. And due to the groove and tongue system, you can easily replace one piece of floor separately if there is any damage.


Moreover, the SPC floor is fire-proof, and the customers would feel very reassuring to live here. And you know what? The SPC floor resembles other floors' appearance, so a variety of patterns and styles are available. No matter what kind of design you like, the SPC floor can meet all your needs.


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