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Vinyl Flooring vs Linoleum Flooring: How to Choose?

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Vinyl Flooring vs Linoleum Flooring: How to Choose?

Both vinyl flooring and linoleum flooring belong to resilient flooring, but what is the difference? Today, I will present the basic differences between the vinyl flooring and the linoleum flooring from three aspects. Hopefully, this passage can be helpful for you to understand vinyl vs linoleum flooring .


Ingredients and Manufacturing Technique

To produce the linoleum flooring, the manufacturers should firstly get oxidized linseed oil, cork, and wood powder. Then, they need to laminate the mixture on the backing of jute. To produce the vinyl flooring, the manufacturers should make the high-density and high-fiber net structure made of marble powder first. That is the solid basement layer. Then, they need to cover the basement layer with the super wear-resistant PVC layer. 


The whole process contains hundreds of procedures. What the linoleum flooring adopts is the pure natural flax material. And for the vinyl flooring, it takes the natural rock powder and resin. From this point, their ingredients are all green and environment-friendly.


Vinyl flooring comes in endless designs and styles, offering a wide range of options of color and pattern. And it has a realistic look of real stone and wood, which makes it an ideal alternative of hardwood floor for many homeowners. However, the pattern image is only on the surface of the vinyl floor. The color may fade if you don't maintain it properly.

Linoleum flooring also provides various designs and styles that meet your needs for upgrading your home. Compared to vinyl floor, patterns and colors are throughout the whole linoleum tile, which won't result in color fading. However, this will bring limitations to the design options of linoleum flooring.


Performance and Stability

The linoleum flooring is thick, but it’s hard above and soft below. So the wear resistance of the linoleum flooring is just mediocre. The wear resistance of the vinyl flooring is much better. So, for the high-traffic areas like hotels, kindergartens, and restaurants, the vinyl flooring is more suitable than the linoleum flooring. 


Furthermore, the dimensional stability of the linoleum flooring is mediocre as well, so you have to use the superglue to install it. However, the superglue contains a harmful substance - the formaldehyde, which will produce poisonous gas for quite a few months. Also, the stickiness of the superglue will recede over time. One day, the superglue will lose its adhesion completely. So the floor will curl up one day. At that time, you need to clean the residual glue and change the whole floor, which is expensive and inconvenient. Or even worse, the floor will deform before the glue loses its power due to its instability. 


On the whole, the stability of linoleum flooring is not as good as the vinyl flooring. And if you live in a seasonal area, choosing the vinyl floor will save you a lot of trouble.

Waterproof Property

Waterproof performance is always the hot topic  in floor choosing, epecially in vinyl flooring vs linoleum. Vinyl floor is 100% waterproof, which makes it can withstand most moist environments in house like kitchens and bathrooms.

Linoleum floor is water resistant instead of waterproof. Its ability of withstand moisture is not as good as vinyl floor. What's more, periodical sealing is required for linoleum flooring that costs you more time, labor, and even money.

Maintenance and Care

The linoleum flooring needs to be maintained under the natural light. And there will be some differentials between the samples and the actual objects. So, if the room you want to decorate faces north or it is a dark room, the linoleum flooring might not be the best choice. The resistance of linoleum flooring to maintenance products (PH>7) is relatively weaker. Therefore, you must use the special maintenance products to polish and wax it. 


But for the vinyl floor, you can treat it as the tile floor. The linoleum flooring is much more solid than the vinyl flooring. But all of the stains on it must be cleared up rapidly due to its porous surface. Or they will leave the blots which are difficult to wipe off on the surface. In this case, you may have to re-polish and wax the whole floor. Why? Because there will be a color difference if you only wax the stained area. 


Besides, linoleum flooring is not recyclable for its thermoplastic material. For the slight burn marks, you can easily sand them out on both the vinyl flooring and the linoleum flooring. But for the in-depth burn marks, it can be much easier for you to remove them from the Vinyl flooring than from the linoleum flooring. So, if you don’t want to waste so much time on the clean and maintenance of your floor, the vinyl flooring is more suitable for you.


DIY Installation

It is rather challenging to install the linoleum flooring, as it will break if the indoor temperature is too low. Due to its nature of absorption and dimensional instability, its products must be installed quickly with the superglue. For example, an installation group can normally pave 80 to 100 m2 of vinyl flooring within one day. But they will probably be able to pave only 60 m2 of the linoleum flooring. Therefore, you need to pay more salaries to workers. The linseed oil is insensitive to the temperature, so it is impossible to weld the floor through the welding rod in the same material. 


Therefore, the installation of the linoleum floor is “juncture” instead of welding. And due to the juncture gaps, the linoleum flooring cannot be divided into the E3 waterproof category. So, it is unsuitable for the humid rooms or areas with requirements of cleanliness. Moreover, linseed oil has a strong smell, which will stay in the installed room for a long time.


Compared to the linoleum floor, the vinyl floor is stable, environment-friendly, and easy to clean. That’s why the vinyl floor is getting more and more popular, while the linoleum floor is not very common. So, if you are choosing the floor material for your house and business, the vinyl floor is worthy of trying. It’s never easy to choose the appropriate flooring because it will influence everything in your house. Therefore, the SPC floor, which has stable and excellent performance, is an ideal choice for most families. 

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