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SPC Click Lock Floor vs. Self-adhesive PVC Floor: Which to Buy?

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SPC Click Lock Floor vs. Self-adhesive PVC Floor: Which to Buy?

SPC click-lock floor is free of any nails, glue, and keel during the installation. Self-adhesive PVC is a floor with adhesive backing covered by a PE release film, making it easy to install. It usually comes in a range of colors and patterns. 


It is not easy to distinguish the SPC click-lock floor and the self-adhesive PVC floor from their paving effect. However, there are still some differences between these two flooring.


Foot Feel 

The SPC click-lock floor has a higher production technology and technical requirements than the self-adhesive PVC floor. The thickness of the SPC is usually about 4 mm, while the PVC is only 2 mm. So the SPC click-lock floor feels more comfortable underfoot than the self-adhesive PVC floor when walking on it. The SPC click-floor is more recommended in some high traffic areas like office, living rooms, etc.



With the click-lock system, you can easily install the SPC floor by yourself. The installation is simple, convenient, quick, and glue-free. In general, professional workers can install more than 100 square meters of the SPC planks per day. 


But the installation of the self-adhesive PVC floor is even easier and faster with the pressure-sensitive adhesive. As long as the protective film is torn off, you can directly paste it to the ground, saving you time and money. You don’t have to hire any professionals because you can do it all by yourself. 


Anyway, the installation of both floors is simple and convenient. If you want to do it perfectly by yourself, you can watch some online tutorial videos first.


Environmental Performance

SPC click-lock floor is composed of five layers. They include a transparent PUR crystal coating layer, PVC wear-resistant layer, the print layer, SPC polymer core layer, soft and sound-absorbing layer, etc. The core layer is formed after hot pressing the mixture of mineral rock powder and polymer resin. The whole process ensures the environment-friendly and formaldehyde-free products.


However, the standard of self-adhesive PVC floor is not as high as the SPC click-lock floor. If some manufacturers do not have strict quality control, their products might contain a small amount of formaldehyde. And that will be harmful to our body to some extent. When selecting the self-adhesive PVC floor, you’d better choose the prestigious factories with relevant certificates.


Sub-floor Roughness

The hardness of the SPC click-lock floor is relatively high. And its installation is glue-free. Therefore, it requires a high flatness of the sub-floor. Generally, you need to do the self-leveling before the pavement. 


However, the self-adhesive PVC floor is relatively soft. Even if the ground has slight bulges or hollows, it still can be paved. After installation, some irregularities will arise on the floor’s surface due to the sub-floor's bulges or hollows. Especially, the higher places on the surface are easy to get worn-out. The sub-floor has considerable influence on the installation of the floor. To achieve the ideal result, you should have a closer look at the sub-floor before purchasing the flooring.



The SPC click-lock floor has high wear resistance and a long lifespan. So it is versatile and suitable for most places such as home, offices, schools, and stores. The self-adhesive PVC floor has weak wear resistance. It is more suitable for low-traffic or temporary places like bedrooms and rented rooms. 


SPC click-cock floor and self-adhesive PVC floor differentiate in many aspects, and you should make choices according to your own needs. 

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