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How To Replace An SPC Plank?

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How To Replace An SPC Plank?

Have you ever replaced an SPC plank ?

SPC flooring is durable and wear-resistant, especially the rigid plus SPC vinyl plank. 

LVT and LVP are also two popular types of luxury vinyl flooring as SPC flooring.  All of them are waterproof, installation-friendly, and cost-effective.

But the planks of them can get damaged due to careless or improper maintenance and other environmental factors. 

Hiring an installer to do the repair can waste lots of money and time because you can replace an SPC plank, LVT plank, or LVP plank it by yourself.

So today, COCOROSA will tell you how to make a DIY replacement for the SPC planks, LVT planks, and LVP planks. 

Instructions on How to Replace an SPC Plank & LVT Plank & LVP Plank

Situation One

If the damaged plank is near the wall, the simplest way is to unlock it and replace it with the new one. So you can save lots of labor and time.


1. Find the nearest wall to the damaged plank.


2. Elevate the molding of the wall.


3. Disconnect the tongue of one plank from the groove of the adjoining one.


4. Replace the damaged plank and re-lock the planks that you have just removed.


5. Re-install the molding of the wall to its original place.


Situation Two

If the damaged plank is in the center of the room, please follow these instructions:


1. Make sure the new plank is as same as the damaged one. 

A similar one is unacceptable, for it will not have the same locking system as the previous one, which will affect the re-installation.

How to cut SPC flooring?

In the following you will need to cut SPC flooring with a utility knife. Please read carefully every step to make sure you can do it well.

2. Use a circular saw to cut out the center of the damaged plank. 

Remove it and throw it away, leaving about 25.4mm apart from the surrounding material.


3. Use the same tool to cut back from each corner of the plank until the inside edge. 

Remove the rest parts of the plank. Make sure the area remains clean and dry. 

Please note that: Be super careful during the process. 

Do not cut the adjacent planks, or they may get damaged.


4. The tongue of the long and short edges of the new planks must be cut off by utility knife. 

The groove needs to be trimmed a little, which ensures the new plank can perfectly fit into the place.


5.Apply a little epoxy glue to the new plank's edge, which can make it secure better.

6. Use a rubber mallet to tap it gently. 

Weight it with something heavy but not sharp for 24 hours until the glue gets dry.


Easy Replacement For SPC Planks, LVT Planks, and LVP Planks

As you can see, to replace an SPC plank, LVT plank, or LVP plank is not that difficult. 

You can quickly finish the replacement by following the instructions correctly.


Everyone wants to save time and money. If you're going to keep your flooring always flawless, you have to master this practical skill.


Hopefully, this article is helpful to you. 

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