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How To Remove Mold On A Vinyl Flooring?

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How To Remove Mold On A Vinyl Flooring?

Many homeowners install vinyl flooring at home for its affordability, durability, and easy maintenance. However, mold can damage this type of flooring, causing the bad smell, and even damaging your house structure. Therefore, everyone needs to check and clean the vinyl flooring frequently.


Where Does Mold Usually Exist?

You can often find mold growing in your house's hidden areas like the corner in the kitchen or the bathroom. The mold can grow out a large amount if you don't check these areas regularly. Once the mold is found widely spread to other places, it will be difficult and expensive to remove.


The mold also grows under vinyl flooring, probably caused by flooding in your house. The mold can ruin the sub-floor after existing for a long time. Even though this kind of mold isn't visible, you should check the sub-flooring if it is flooded. 


What Causes Mold To Grow On Your Floor?

Mold relies on a moist environment to grow and exist. Kitchens and bathrooms are two typical places that are susceptible to mold for the longstanding moisture. 


For mold underneath vinyl flooring, the reason why mold grows can be diverse. On the one hand, it may result from a water leak caused by a broken pipe. On the other hand, a leak beneath the sink or behind the bathroom can also create a small leak. Mold will grow fast if these leaks keep existing and being ignored for a long time.


How Does Mold Do Harm To Us?

When you notice mold on your vinyl flooring, you must remove it as soon as possible with proper methods. Why? Because mold is a kind of bacteria that can rapidly develop and spread to other areas and even sub-floor.


Besides, mold can produce bad odors and many other bacteria in the air. People in the house may get ill for living with moldy exposure for a long time. There will be more health risks if you don't clean the mold on time.



How To Remove Mold From Vinyl Flooring?



Get all the tools you will need for the job. Prepare a brush, a clean towel, a small bucket of fresh water, and an empty spray bottle. Remember to wear a face mask, goggles, and a pair of grooves to protect your skin. 


Then, select a suitable cleaning agent, which should be non-toxic and safe enough for your health. Common cleaners or bleach are good options to apply. Please note that the commercial cleansers should be purchased from the formal supermarket or pharmacy. Besides, white vinegar is an excellent alternative to cleaners or bleach. The acid from the vinegar will create an environment where mold is hard to survive. 


Step One:

Clean the floor thoroughly. Remove any dirt and sweep the floor with warm, clean water. 

Step Two:

Mix one-part bleach with five-part water in the empty spray bottle. Then shake it constantly for a while to mix well.

Step Three:

Apply the mixed solution to the moldy area. You will also need to dip a brush into the cleaning solution. And then start to scrub the moldy surface continuously. For the hidden mold in nooks or corners, you can use a small brush or abandoned toothbrush. 

Step Four:

Use a clean towel to dry the area after scrubbing.

Step Five:

Rinse the area with warm water, to see if any residual mold or cleaning solution is left. At last, let the floor dry naturally.



Consult A Professional

If the mold remains after trying the remedy, you should consult someone professional in vinyl flooring. Some improper methods can damage the floor. For any other questions about vinyl flooring, please reach us at Sales@Cocorosasurfaces.com.


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