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How To Maintain SPC Vinyl Flooring?

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How To Maintain SPC Vinyl Flooring?

SPC Vinyl Flooring is quite popular on the market. 

One of the biggest reasons is that it is easy to clean and maintain. 

However, some improper methods can cause irreversible damages to the floor. 

So today, COCOROSA will tell you some tricks to keep your floor new and durable.

How To Clean SPC Vinyl Flooring

1. For regular cleaning, you can use the vacuum to remove dirt and debris on the floor. 

Although the SPC vinyl floor is stain-resistant, some solid substances can cause scratches to its surface. 

For some high-traffic areas, you should sweep it frequently.


2. For deeper cleaning, you can use a wet and clean mop with warm water or a rinse-free cleaner. 

How to make vinyl floor shine? A deeper cleaning may help you a lot.

This method can keep luster for the floors, which makes it look new and beautiful. 

a. Please note that do not use a dirty mop to sweep the floor. 

A dirty mop may contain some residual stains or solid substances that can hurt the floor. 

It can even produce some sick smell and bacteria, which does harm to our health.

b. Never use a wire brush or a steel brush to scrub the floor, or it may damage the coating of the vinyl flooring.

c. Choosing the right cleaner is very important.

Avoid using "Mop and shine" products or abraser for they can cause a film on the floor.

3. Do not apply the cleanser that contains a surfactant. 

It is better to test the cleanser in a small area first. 

Some cleansers that contain irritants can damage the floor.

Make sure the cleaner is designed for the vinyl floor. Read the instruction of the cleaner before applying it.

Soap can be used as the cleaner for flooring but make sure it is specially for vinyl flooring.

How To Maintain SPC Vinyl Flooring

1. Put carpets at every outside entrance of the house to stop girt, debris, etc. from entering. 

This method can help the floor avoid scratches by the solid substances.


2. Some people replace their home furniture occasionally. 

But do not drag heavy furniture directly on the floor. 

You must lay cardboard over the area and use an appliance hand truck to move.


3. Some furniture feet may scratch and wear the floor. 

So you can install protective devices like furniture pads for all movable furniture.


4. Avoid direct sunlight on the SPC floors. 

Because heat and sunlight can cause fading or discoloration to the SPC flooring. 

Consequently, always remember to close the curtains whenever the sunlight is hitting the floor.


Can I Wax The SPC Floor?

Can you wax viny floor? Many people want to keep their SPC vinyl flooring glossy with waxing.

Actually, you don't have to wax viny floor. The SPC vinyl floor doesn't require wax. 

SPC contains a PE coating on the surface that makes it sheen and resist scratch and wear.

SPC vinyl flooring still has stable performance in wet areas and high-traffic areas. 

That's why the SPC floor is easier to clean and maintain compared to other types of flooring. 

It also saves you a lot of labor, cost, and time. 

Therefore, SPC vinyl is the general trend of the flooring future.


Hopefully, this article can be helpful to you. 

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