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How To Install Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

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How To Install Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

LVT Flooring has become a popular choice in home and business decoration, as it is durable and affordable.

Glue down is one of the most common installations for LVT Flooring.

Many people consider it as the best method.

But some people prefer other methods like loose lay and click lock.

Today, COCOROSA will show you how to install glue down vinyl flooring.

Before getting started, let us learn about what exactly glue down vinyl flooring means.


What Is Glue Down Vinyl Flooring?

Glue down vinyl flooring refers to the glue down installation.

This type of installation will adhere the dry back LVT flooring to its sub-floor by applying an adhesive.

Although it will take you more time to install, this installation can ensure dimensional stability.

And it makes the floors much more long-lasting.

Before Installation

1. First, please calculate the total area where the installation will take place. With the correct width and length, you will know how many boxes of planks you need.

2. After buying the flooring, please carefully examine its quality, including its grade, color, surface, etc. If you find some unqualified planks, do not continue to install.  You should contact the dealer immediately to exchange the products.

3. Prepare the tools you need for the installation. They can be a utility knife, straight edge, chalk line, etc.

4. Do not take out the planks of the cartons in the room where the installation will proceed. Ensure at least 48 hours for the LVT floors to acclimate the room.

5. The room where the installation will take place should be climate-controlled. Keep the room temperature between 18℃and 29℃. The air humidity should never over 65%.


Sub-Floor Preparation

1. Make sure that the type of sub-floor is qualified enough for the installation. LVT flooring can be installed over wood flooring, ceramic tiles, or other resilient floors. But do not install over the carpet.

2. For any sub-floor, please check if it is entirely flat and clean. Level out the unevenness that is over 1mm in 20cm length. Remove all dirt, debris, grits, or chemical substances like old adhesive from the sub-floor.


Wood Sub-Floors

1. Check whether the floor is in good condition and well structured. Find any damaged parts and replace them.

2. The moisture level of the sub-floor should never be more than 12%. Use a proper moisture meter to test.

3. A 6mm plywood is recommended to meet the requirements of COCOROSA's Products.


Concrete Sub-Floors

1. Make sure the concrete floor is cured and dry for at least 60 days before the installation.

2. Level the concrete sub-floor before installation as most of concrete floors's surface is not completely smooth and flat.

3. Use the patching compound to fill any hollow and seams on the concrete sub-floor. Any unevenness can cause problems when adhering the planks.


1. Place the loose planks on the floor without applying glue to determine the layout.

2. Cut off the planks with a utility knife according to the layout. Mark a line where you will cut from the plank. Then cut firmly on its surface.

3. Use a chalk line to mark a line along the first two rows, which will present the area where the glue will be applied.

4. Use the adhesives that the producer recommends. Read out the handling instructions on the adhesives, especially the suggested airing time. Then, the installation should start from the corner of the room. Apply the glue to the marked area and wait for the suggested airing time.

5. Slowly fit the first LVT plank into the adhesive area. Put it down and roll it with a roller. Wherever there is any glue residue, use a wet cloth to remove at once. Continue in this way to finish the rest of the room. The last row of the planks should be at least 5 cm wide.

6. Wait for around 45-60 minutes after finishing the installation. Use a bigger roll to roll down the floors of the entire room, to ensure the best adhesive result.

7. Use a vacuum to remove the residual dirt and a wet mop with warm water to clean the floors's surface after 48 hours.


Will you consider glue down as the best installation option?

I am sure you have had the answer after reading this article. Undoubtedly, glue down vinyl flooring is an economical and good-looking option for home decoration.

DIY installation and replacement are available.

You will benefit a lot from choosing it for your home.

For any questions about the installation, please feel free to contact us at  Sales@Cocorosasurfaces.com. Your messages will be of great support to us. 

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