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How to Fix Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles That Don’t Stick

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How to Fix Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles That Don’t Stick

Self adhesive vinyl tiles, also called peel and stick tiles, is a popular flooring option for many homeowners. The installation is quite easy for you just need to peel the backing and stick the adhesive side onto the sub-floor. You don’t need to use extra tools and materials like nails, cements, or glues. The adhesion is generally strong and can last for a very long time. However, the tiles may still curl up and lose adhesion due to the improper maintenance after installation. Extensive moisture or low-quality peel and stick tiles can also cause the problem. If most tiles are not sticking on the flooring anymore, you need to consider to replace the whole flooring. There are no better ways to deal with this severe circumstance. But if just a few tiles are loose, you can easily fix them by yourself. Here we give you some instructions on how to re-glue self adhesive vinyl tiles when they don’t stick.


Soften the Existing Adhesive of Vinyl Tiles

The edges of self adhesive vinyl tiles can easily curl up at corners. However, their adhesive is strong enough to re-stick onto the sub-floor. Read these steps below, you will know how to deal with the curling peel and stick tiles.


1. Raise the curled tile slowly. Make sure that there is no debris and dirt on the sub-floor, or you will heave to clean them out.


2. It is recommended to heat the curled part of the tile with a hair drier. This is to soften the adhesive so that the tile can become flexible again.


3. As a result, the backing will regain its adhesion again. You should press the backing of the tile to the sub-floor very quickly. Don’t wait too to press the tile, or the adhesive will be cool down again.


4. At last, use a rubber hammer to secure the vinyl tiles tightly onto the sub-floor. You can aslo use a roller or other heavy stuffs to weigh the target tiles.



Re-glue Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles With Extra Adhesive

The other way to fix the loose peel and stick tiles is to apply extra adhesive. The adhesive you buy must be specifically used for the backing of vinyl flooring. In addition, you need to ensure it works well for the sub-flooring.


1. Also use a hair drier to heat the vinyl tiles first to soften its adhesive on the backing.


2. Before applying adhesive, make sure any debris are remove from the backing of the tiles and the sub-floor.


3. Lift the curled tile carefully, and then start to apply the adhesive. Get a spatula to apply the new adhesive to the backing of the tile. Don’t apply too much at a time but little by little.


4. After applying enough adhesive, press the tiles firmly onto the sub-floor. Similarly, use rubber hammer or roller to secure the tiles. Remove residual adhesive on the surface with a wet cloth.


5. Wait for at least 8 hours to let the adhesive get dry. You can also put some heavy items to weigh the tiles all night long.


Where to Buy Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles?

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