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How to Choose the Appropriate Vinyl Flooring?

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How to Choose the Appropriate Vinyl Flooring?

As the flooring market develops and expands, vinyl flooring is getting more and more popular. But do you know there are different kinds of vinyl flooring? Common Vinyl flooring differentiates into three categories as follow.


LVP - Luxury Vinyl Plank

LVP flooring looks like hardwood flooring the most and carries the click-lock system for installation.


LVT - Luxury Vinyl Tile

First of all, LVT flooring doesn't have the tongue and groove system. Usually, you can install it by its adhesive backing. This kind of flooring goes by the name of loose lay PVC, peel&stick PVC, or self-adhesive PVC. Or, you can install it with glue. And this kind of flooring is under the name of dry back PVC. It can mimic the appearance of wood, tiles, and cement by adjusting its print and size.


Sheet Vinyl

Generally, sheet vinyl has two categories: Wood Plastic Composite(WPC) and Stone Plastic Composite (SPC).


SPC flooring contains 60% calcium carbonate, PVC, and plasticizer. WPC flooring is composed of PVC, calcium carbonate, foaming agent, and plasticizer. Although they have similar components and production techniques, they are still different in some ways. It is that SPC flooring contains more calcium carbonate, which makes it more sturdy.


When Do You Need Vinyl Flooring?

1. Firstly, you have no devotion to the solid wood or engineered wood flooring and plan to use the laminate flooring, or the budget is limited. For people in these cases, I recommend you to use vinyl flooring. Compared to the laminate floor, the vinyl floor is superior, for it is 100% waterproof and formaldehyde-free. 


2. Secondly, if you are the DIY type, the Vinyl flooring is the best choice. First, this floor is relatively cheap so you won't feel bad if you fail in one. Second, the installation of the vinyl floor is effortless and convenient. You can install it by its click-lock system or the adhesive backing. So you don't need to prepare glue, nails or keels.


3. Thirdly, the room has installed flooring, and you want to change its color. Under this circumstance, the vinyl floor is very suitable for you. The installation of the wood floor and the laminate floor requires glue, nails, and professional workers, which will do harm to the original ground. But the installation of the vinyl floor is easy and convenient. It is very suitable for people who like to change the style and color of their floors. Also, you can install the vinyl floor by its own click-lock system without glue and nails. So, the installation of the vinyl floor won't influence the sub-floor a lot.


4. Last but not least, the flooring is for the basements, damp rooms, kitchens, or other moist areas. The vinyl floor is waterproof while other floors are not. It won't deform or grow mold over time.


How to Choose the Right Vinyl Flooring Out of Your Own Needs?

1. Don't use the sheet vinyl unless your house is rented or to be rented. First, the appearance of sheet vinyl is relatively low-end. Second, you have to change the entire floor once there are damages.


2. LVT flooring is an excellent choice if you want the fishbone pattern. It is easier to cut and install. And you don't have to worry about the click-lock system.


3. PVC click-lock floor is a very appropriate choice for high-traffic areas such as schools, stores, and living rooms. The PVC click-lock floor carries a glue-free installation, which is firm and stable. However, the self-adhesive PVC or dry back both need glue. As you know, the glue will lose the adhesion as time goes by. And finally, the floor may curl up.


4. The feeling of the SPC floor is relative hard. So if you have requirements for a soft foot feel, you'd better choose the LVT, LVP, or WPC floor.


Lastly, different types of vinyl floors come in advantages and disadvantages. We do present you with some suggestions, but the final decision is still up to your own needs and preferences. 


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