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How Can I Properly Choose the Best Flooring For Laundry Room ?

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How Can I Properly Choose the Best Flooring For Laundry Room ?

Designing a house never comes easy, especially installing flooring for every room. A laundry room is a place where you do the washing and drying almost every day. So the flooring for the laundry room must be water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable. How to choose the best flooring for the laundry room? There is some consideration that you must know before buying the flooring for your laundry room.


Factors to Consider on Choosing Laundry Room Flooring

1. The flooring for the laundry room must be waterproof to withstand the high moisture in the laundry room. If the laundry room floor has a lousy water-resistance performance, the mold will easily grow on the floor.

2. The excellent laundry room floor has to be scratch-resistant and impact-resistant to handle high traffic and moving appliances like washing machines.

3. Laundry room flooring needs to be stain-resistant to protect the floor surface from spills and other dirt.

4. The laundry room's flooring should also be easy to clean and maintain, so you don't have to spend much time and labor doing the cleaning.

5. Laundry room floor should be warm and soft. You may stand on the room floor for a long time if you are busy with the laundry. Soft flooring can give you a comfortable foot feel and reduce the pain of standing too much.

6. Last but not least, durability is one of the most critical considerations for laundry room flooring. The long-lasting floor will free you from repairing and replacing new flooring frequently.


Flooring That You Should Avoid Installing in Your Laundry Room

1. Carpet: The carpet is soft and comfortable, but it is not water-resistant and can absorb water and dust easily. Mold can often come up when moisture stays on the carpet for a long time. So the carpet is not a wise option for the laundry room.

2. Hardwood: Hardwood is also susceptible to moisture, for too much humidity can mold the floor. Besides, the movement and vibration of the washing machine can damage the wooden floor.

3. Laminate: It is not recommended to use laminate flooring in your laundry room. It is not water-resistant, so the water can easily penetrate the floor can damage the core.


3 Popular Types of Flooring For Laundry Room


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most common laundry room floorings. You can find ceramic tiles with a large variety of designs and look. Various styles and patterns can contribute to creating a graceful element in your laundry room.


For performance, it is waterproof and highly scratch-resistant to withstand the moisture and impact from heavy appliances. Ceramic tile is also stain-resistant, so it is easy to clean and maintain with vacuum and mop.


However, your feet may feel pain if you stand too long on the tiles that are pretty hard. The surface will be slippery if there is water on it, which can be dangerous.


Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring has a beautiful look and incredible durability, making it a good choice for laundry room flooring. There are many different types of natural stone, such as marble, limestone, quartzite, etc. These natural materials can add a grand and elegant feeling to your laundry room. It is also easy to clean natural stone simply with vacuuming and wet mopping.

However, natural stone is more expensive than ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring. You will also need to pay for the installation that requires a professional to accomplish. If you don't have enough budget, go for another option.


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is the ideal flooring for laundry room for its durability, affordability, DIY installation, and easy maintenance. It is 100% waterproof, so it has a strong ability to withstand the moisture in the laundry room. Compared to ceramic tiles and natural stone, vinyl flooring is relatively inexpensive. There are numerous varieties that you can choose. What's more, vinyl flooring has a realistic look to natural materials like wood and stone. With less budget, you can also create a unique in your laundry room.


There are three main types of vinyl flooring that you can install in your laundry room - Sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles, and vinyl planks. All of them are DIY friendly, which means you don't have to hire a professional to do this. Sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles can be directly glued down without nails or cement. Vinyl planks can be installed firmly with the click-lock system, so you don't need to apply any binder, nails, or cement.


Vinyl flooring is highly stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. So you don't have to spend much time on cleaning and maintenance. It is unnecessary to apply wax, but use a vacuum and damp mop to clean the dirt regularly.


Where to Buy Best Flooring For Laundry Room?

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