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Four Reasons to Install SPC Click-Lock Floor in Living Room

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Four Reasons to Install SPC Click-Lock Floor in Living Room

Buying a house is an essential transaction for most people because it means that you can finally settle down. And home should be the most comfortable and relaxing place in your life. Except for sleeping, the majority of people would stay in the living room with their families. So it is the top priority to make your living room cozy and comfy while decorating the house. Although you can change everything you don’t like in the future, there is one thing that is more difficult to change than any other things - the floor. 

Therefore, you should take the floor-choosing very seriously. But what’s the appropriate flooring for your living room? The tile floor, the wood floor, or the SPC click-lock floor? Today, I am going to find out the answer for you guys.


1.When your living room faces south or lacks light source. 

In this case, you should choose the SPC click-lock floor. The reason is quite simple. There is not too much sunlight in this kind of living room, so the room will be frigid if you use the tile floor. Maybe the coldness is suitable for summer, and you can consider the living room as a cooler. But how about in spring and winter? Do you still want to enjoy the coldness at that time? The traditional wood flooring does feel comfortable underfoot. But in this environment, it will mold and deform for moisture as time goes by. 


However, the SPC click-lock floor feels not only comfortable underfoot, but also is waterproof and moisture-proof. If you still prefer the look of the wood floor or tile floor, don’t worry. The SPC click-lock floor can resemble the appearance of natural wood or stone. It can bring you the style you like while maintaining warmth and stability at the same time.


2.For health and environment

The tile floor contains some chemicals, which are harmful to your health. The traditional wood floor contains formaldehyde, which is harmful too. Using either of them will negatively influence your family, especially on young kids and older people. 


However, the SPC click lock floor is 100% environment-friendly. With the main ingredients of polyvinyl and copolymer resin and other components such as filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, and stains, the SPC click-lock floor is produced through the coating, calendaring and extrusion process on the continuous flake material. Polyvinyl is 100% non-toxic and renewable. In fact, it is widely used in our daily life, such as tableware, medical infusion tubes, and bag, etc. Besides, after passing the physical and chemical tests of the PVC click-lock floor, the SPC flooring is the most moisture-proof and compression-resistant one. So, it’s very reassuring to use the SPC click-lock floor in house decoration.


3. There are older people or children in your family

For families with older people and kids, safety is always the most critical factor during house decoration. Resilient flooring is highly recommended to use in such circumstances. The tile floor is hard and not skid-proof. Moreover, the whole floor would be very slippery after mopping. So the kids and older people are very likely to slide down on the floor and get injured. 


However, the surface of the SPC click-lock floor has been specially treated. Its friction will increase when the floor is wet. Even if people slipped down, the cushioned backing layer would decrease the impact on the human body. So, if there are older people or children in your family, the SPC click-lock floor is definitely the best option.


4.If you like walking barefoot

The tile flooring feels cold underfoot, which may cause you illness. While resilient flooring not only feels comfortable but also can adjust the temperature. So you won’t feel cold even in winter, and it will be a great enjoyment to sit on the floor watching TV.


The wood floor is warm and can adjust the temperature too, but it will deform as the temperature changes. Furthermore, the wood floor will produce mold and bacteria as it’s a natural Petri dish. Therefore, if you or any of your families like walking at home barefoot, it would be very unhealthy to walk on the tile floor and wood floor. However, the SPC click-lock floor is mildew-proof and bacteria-proof, which means it is clean enough for you to touch it directly.


Decorating is just as important as buying a house. It can decide the life quality of the rest of your life. Except for the advantages I mentioned before, the SPC click-clock floor also has many other benefits. And the most notable one is stain-resistance.

For most of us, a home is a place for relaxing and recharging, so it should be very comfy and easy to clean. After all, no one wants to do a one-hour house cleaning after working for the whole day. All in all, the SPC click-lock floor is produced for safety, hygiene, and the environment. It is the best choice for your families as well as the earth and environment.

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