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Why Does Vinyl Floor Bulge

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Why Does Vinyl Floor Bulge

Vinyl flooring is gradually recognized by more and more people because of its strong decorative, comfortable foot feeling, anti-skid and wear-resistant, antibacterial and sound-absorbing characteristics. Now the vinyl flooring are used more and more in both residential and commercial areas. Under normal circumstances, if the vinyl floor is not installed properly, there will be various problems, some of which are uneven or bulging. Once it bulges, it must be repaired as soon as possible, otherwise it will accelerate the collapse of the vinyl floor.

The swelling deformation

(1) Due to improper use, kitchen or toilet faucet or heater running water, make the vinyl floor soak water for too long, vinyl floor glue will emulsify and deteriorate, so the glue has no due role, so it can only be arched.

(2) In continuous rainy weather, the relative humidity in the air is on the high side, and no moisture removal measures are taken. The moisture in the air is absorbed by the plastic floor and then absorbs moisture and expands.

(3) The house is empty for a long time, uninhabited and poorly ventilated. After evaporation, the water in the painting layer is nowhere to be distributed and absorbed by the vinyl floor to absorb moisture and expand.

(4) The moisture content of base concrete is too high, and the moisture-proof isolation layer is unsealed and absorbs moisture and expands.

No expansion joint left or too narrow

When laying the vinyl floor against the wall, a gap of 6-8 mm should be left as an expansion joint, and then it should be covered with a baseboard. For the sake of cleanness, some owners do not reserve expansion joints between adjacent floors as required, or let the paving workers leave the joints as thin as possible, which will also make the vinyl floor unable to stretch, and it is easy to arch up or even be cracked when it absorbs moisture and expands in humid air.

Time of drying glue:

When Installing dry back vinyl flooring, glues will be used. Different types of glues, floors made of different materials, different bases and different construction environments have different drying time. At this time, experienced and professional craftsmen are needed to make a true judgment. If the glue drying time is too short, there will be dense small drums immediately after the floor is laid; If the glue drying time is too long, the adhesive force of the glue will be reduced, and the bulging phenomenon will also occur.

Foreign Bodies

During installation, if there are foreign objects left under the floor, and the vinyl floor is not cleaned in time before installation, it will also cause the floor arching.

Improper maintenance of floor

Often mop the floor with a damp mop, resulting in seeping of accumulated water on the ground. No matter how good the floor is, it can not be separated from excellent base, beautiful construction environment, high-quality auxiliary materials and excellent construction team. The poor base can be compensated by auxiliary materials, and the poor construction environment can be overcome by the construction master. If the auxiliary materials are not used well or the construction is out of order, the project quality will be difficult to guarantee.

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