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SPC Flooring vs Tile Flooring: Which Should You Choose?

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SPC Flooring vs Tile Flooring: Which Should You Choose?

With the improvement of life quality, the SPC floor has become the common choice for house decoration in coastal cities. However, the tiles, wood floor, and SPC floor are frequently used ground decorating materials. SPC flooring vs tile, how can we know which one is the best? Today, I will show you their differences form several basic aspects. 

The Thermal Conductivity

In terms of this aspect, the tile floor is better than the SPC floor. In summer, the tile floor does feel more comfortable. So it's quite reasonable for you to choose, especially when you live in southern cities. But even in summer, the cold floor might make you ill. So, as far as health is concerned, the tile floor might not be the best choice. And good thermal conductivity also means heat loses quickly so that the room will be cold in winter. Relatively, the SPC floor has a better heat-retaining performance, which can keep the room temperature at an appropriate level. So the room will be warm even in spring and winter. If your families like to walk barefoot, the SPC floor is a good choice for you.

Visual Effect

The color of the tile floor looks and feels relatively cold. If you want your house to look warm and cozy, the SPC floor is a deal choice. If you live with your kids or parents, the SPC floor is highly recommended. As a resilient floor, it has a great impact-resistant performance. The older people and kids are both vulnerable to fall injuries. When they accidentally hit the floor, the backing layer of the floor can act as a buffer. 



When comparing two types of flooring, safety is always the hot topic, especially the non-slip performance. The wet ceramics tiles can easily cause skip accident, which can be dangerous for children and the old in the house.

SPC vinyl flooring is super wear-resistance and it has a non-slip surface. Therefore, it seldom cause skip accident even though the plank is wet. If you have children or old men in the house, SPC flooring would be a safe option.

Foot Feel

Generally, ceramic tiles feel rigid and cool underfoot, especially in the winter. If you used to walk barefoot in your home, the foot feel may be not as comfortable as SPC flooring. What's more, if you have kids at home, ceramic tiles is not suitable for their movements for the hard surface of tile floor may hurt your kids.

Instead, SPC planks are flexible, offering you softer foot feel and protect your kids. Moreover, SPC planks can keep warmth so you don't worry your feet get cold when you are barefoot inside the house in the winter.


SPC flooring has a variety of colors and patterns. The vivid print layer can resemble hundreds of different patterns like the wood floor, the carpet, the stone floor, or even the steel! Apart from this, the ingredients of the SPC floor are all green and environment-friendly. 


We always think the tile floor is made of natural things, so it must be harmless. But the truth is, the ingredients of the tile floor include potassium minerals like feldspar and mica. These minerals are all radioactive, and their radioactivity won't disappear throughout the manufacturing process. Also, to make the surface feel smoother, some manufacturers will add the radioactive zircon sand during production. 


Then how about the wood floor? The solid wood floor is natural and harmless, but the glue is a must in its installation. The composite wood floor can be installed glue-free, but the glue is used in its production. The room decorated with the wood floor will be filled with formaldehyde for at least three months. And no wonder more and more people consider the SPC floor as the best choice since both the tile and wood floors are not 100% healthy and safe to people.



Laying tiles requires lots of patience and attention, and the professional way to apply cement to the sub-floor. Generally, tile installation is not DIY friendly, thus you will need to spend extra money and time to finish it.

SPC flooring is an innovative vinyl plank with the unique click-lock system. You can install SPC plank only yourselves instead of hiring the professional, which helps save your time and money.

Easy to Clean

There is a common misunderstanding that the tile floor is waterproof, but the SPC floor is not. The main material of the SPC floor is the vinyl resin that doesn't react with water. So, it won't deform unless it is soaked too long.


 Also, it won't go moldy by the high humidity. Therefore, to clean the SPC floor is quite simple. The only required tools are water and mop. If needed, you can even use the steel wool ball to remove the stain. 


But for the wood floor, you should treat it very carefully with the special detergent and maintenance oil. And due to the instability of the wood floor, it will shrink as the temperature changes. So, the gaps between each plank will get larger and larger. And the dust accumulated in those gaps will grow dark and smelly. So, in terms of convenience and hygiene, the SPC floor is better than the other two.



The SPC floor is more affordable than the tile floor and the wood floor. If you want to have a unique decoration style while the budget is limited, the SPC floor is your best choice. Also, the SPC floor is easier to clean than the wood floor and the tile floor. So, it can save both the money and maintenance work.


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